Chronic and acute pain are multifaceted and complex syndromes, which adversely affects a person’s physical, emotional, socioeconomic, and spiritual well-being. It can disrupt human relationships, creativity, productivity and impact the quality of life. At BCMD, is committed to improving the lives of people with pain. Our assessment, treatment, and prevention services focus on enriching the lives of the people we serve. We integrate traditional and complementary medicine and use a multidisciplinary team approach to:

•    Diagnose and treat chronic pain syndromespr-blue
•    Reduce pain and increase comfort
•    Increase the ability to manage pain and its related problems
•    Increase physical capabilities and activities
•    Support the return to productive activity
•    Increase coping, self-care, and stress management skills
•    Improve psychosocial adjustments and quality of life

Distinctive features of our institute include:

•    Comprehensive assessments and team determination of treatments that focus on attaining positive
…..long-term outcomes
•    Concurrent use of various treatment modalities such as medical procedures, physical therapy, and
…..relaxation techniques that may hasten the healing process
•    The use of acupuncture and percutaneous or transcutaneous nerve stimulation to decrease pain
•    Opportunities for learning skills that minimize or prevent recurring pain
•    Individualized education regarding specific chronic pain syndromes, procedures, and treatment plan
•    Encouragement of the patient’s active participation in the treatment plan, including family members
…..when appropriate